The Cheetah Portal


The Cheetah Portal, by Bonnie j Nelson, is the soul searching saga of one woman's journey into the raw splendor and heartbreak of Africa's terrain, exotic wildlife and exquisite people. She follows the tracks of the cheetah through a drought plagued country seeking the answer to one question: why has she been brought here? Battling demons and phobias with the spirit of her mother beside her, Bonnie’s overwhelming desire to give back to a parched country and passion for the oldest wildcat on earth perilously close to the brink of extinction brings to you a gift.

Her desire through the gifting of her book is to share her story, to raise awareness, but most importantly to say thank you for your donation to one of the two charities she has pledged her life and livelihood to.

African Travel
African Travel will donate $100 to the Cheetah Outreach for any safaris booked as a result of The Cheetah Portal.

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Cheetah Outreach


Original Lithograph
by Master Printmaker Dennis Curry

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